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i'm just a girl :) Born as a mixed blood of Lun Bawang + Iban. Preferably called as Anak Kacukan. A student from faculty of HBP USM, taking a Bachelor of Construction Management (3years). Holding the words of God, Amsal 16:3. It inspired and gives hope to my life. =)
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Langkawi Trip 2013 ^^

We are going to Langkawi for a trip!
And sure we will be having a sketch competition. After all, this is Studio Trip :)
I am soooo excited for having this chance to go there. 
Get ready to be BLACK! And I'm sure that we will have a great time together with all the great lecturer  studiomaster after all the midnight oil is burnt to complete our Project 6a&6b which is really stressing us up and we are having a sleepless night for the last 3 days before the submission of the project! 
and now, feeling a bit relieve for the great team I have! 
Why I'm saying that I feels a bit relieve?
Because we still have to complete our stage model making after come back from the trip.
For sure we will be having another sleepless night for the another next 2 weeks. 
So, hope that Langkawi trip can cure our tiredness & stressed (well said) haha
Can't wait for the trip tomorrow!!

Mitchell Lawa Danil,
Construction Management
Year 1

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